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Central Locking
Reversing Systems
Remote Controls
24 Volt Systems

Cyclops accessories provide extra features which may not necessarily relate to security. Convenient functions like opening an electronic garage door using your car alarm remote control or winding all your car windows closed are detailed below.

  Find One, Find All (FOFA)
  • 2-Way-Use your keys to find other keys, remote controls or vice versa!
  • Expandable to 36 Units for those Easy-to-lose items.
  • No Base to lose!
  • Batteries Included.

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  WIN-004 Electric Window Closer
  • Integrate your electric windows with your central locking and alarm/immobiliser.
  • Optional connections allow for 4 roll up, or 2 roll up/down.
  • Compatible with all Cyclops remote control systems.
  • Two year manufacturer's warranty.

WIN-004 Electric Window Closer
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  G-DOOR Garage Door Controller
  • Supplied with 240VAC - 12VDC power supply.
  • Simple two wire connection.
  • Sufficient memory to track ten remote controls.
  • Up to 50 metre reception range.
  • Simple coding procedure for programming new remotes
  • Power out memory, module will remember remotes even if power is lost.

G-DOOR Garage Door Controller
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