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Find One, Find All (FOFA)
Remote Control Locator, Wallet and Glasses Locator
Each FOFA is simple to use 2 way system (no base unit) – Find any One and Find the All! Each unit signals any other FOFA to beep and flash, helping you locate the lost item attached to it. The flat FOFA is specially designed for wallets and to attach to TV remote controls etc. The all NEW glasses FOFA has a lanyard built in to attach to your favourite pair of glasses. Used with other FOFAs, you can use your keys to find your wallet, your wallet to find your glasses and vice versa! Use anywhere as no "Base" transmitter is required. As long as you can FIND ONE thing you own, you can FIND them ALL!

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Find One, Find All (FOFA)


  • Single Additional Flat Wallet or Remote Control Locator. (For use with other FOFA Key finders)
  • Single Additional Glasses Locator (For use with other FOFA key finders)
  • XD Proximity Detect™ - Radio Feedback feature detects buried items.
  • Up to 30 ft. (10m) range.
  • Expandable - Have up to 36 units per household or office.
  • Includes 2032-type batteries, Easy-to-follow instructions, key rings and attachment hardware.


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