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Many modern cars are provide spacious transportation for their owners. However, the extra room may also reduce the amount of visibility from the rear of the car. Reversing cameras + LCD screens and ultrasonic radar systems help the drivers detect obstacles which may be obscured while reversing.

  CAM-001 Reversing Camera
  • " CCD optical sensor for high quality video
  • Full colour PAL system
  • Bracket mounted
  • RCA connections
  • Water resistant

CAM-001 Reversing Camera

  CAM-003 Reversing Camera
  • " CMOS optical sensor
  • Full colour PAL system
  • 165 degree viewing angle
  • Bracket mounted
  • RCA connections
  • Water resistant

CAM-003 Reversing Camera

  CAM-004 Reversing Camera
  • 1/3" CMOS optical sensor.
  • 130 degree viewing angle.
  • Full colour PAL system.
  • Flush/Bumper mounted.
  • RCA connections.
  • IP67 rated water resistant.

CAM-004 Reversing Camera

  SCR-001 Reversing Screen
  • 3.5" colour TFT LCD screen.
  • Swing down and swivel mounting bracket.
  • CCFT back-light for night viewing.
  • Two channels to allow for reversing and in-car DVD.
  • Both NTSC and PAL decoding.

SCR-001 Reversing Screen

  SCR-002 Reversing Screen
  • 6" colour TFT LCD wide-screen (16:9)
  • Mounts easily over existing rear view mirror
  • CCFT back-light for night viewing
  • Two channels to allow for reversing and in-car DVD
  • Supports both NTSC and PAL
  • Remote control for all functions

SCR-002 Reversing Screen

  SEN-003 Reversing Sensor Kit Screen
  • 4 Ultrasonic bumper mounted heads.
  • Audible feedback to driver.
  • Digital readout of distance to object.
  • Bar graph readout to show which side of car is closest to obstacle.
  • Automatically activates when reverse gear is selected.
  • Optional trailer disable module.

SEN-003 Reverse Parking Sensor

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