Parrot MINIKIT +

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      Make and receive calls from two telephones, find a name in your contacts, let a call go to voicemail, etc. Tell it what you want and it obeys! The Parrot Minikit+ includes essential features that let you stay connected while you concentrate on the road. Easy to use and with remarkable sound quality, it's both affordable and essential for keeping in touch. Conveniently mounted on your sun visor. 

      Automatic phonebook synchronisation:
      Synchronisation with your telephone directory will start automatically the first time you use the Parrot MINIKIT+. You will then find all your contacts in the hands-free kit’s memory.

      Voice recognition:
      To place a call, start the voice recognition function by pressing the green button and then say the name of the contact; the Parrot MINIKIT+ recognises all voices!

      Text-To-Speech :
      If you wish to find a last name, a first name or a nickname, browse through your directory and listen to your kit read the names of all your contacts, then validate with a single click to place the call.

      Magic words:
      Receiving calls is also very simple; during an incoming call, the Parrot MINIKIT+ says the name of the calling party; you may then say "accept" or "refuse" when prompted by the Parrot MINIKIT+.

      Vibration sensor:
      The Parrot MINIKIT+'s vibration sensor will switch it into On mode and automatically connect it to your mobile phone as soon as you enter your vehicle

      Ergonomic interface:
      You can browse through the menus using the knob, validate with the green button or cancel the action by simply pressing the red button.

      Convenient mounting:
      It also comes with an elastic strap which is easily reversible whether you have your sun visor down or up--ingenious and practical!


      - Length: 110 mm 
      - Width: 60 mm 
      - Thickness: 29 mm 
      - Weight: 83 g 


      • 1 Parrot MINIKIT+
      • 1 USB/Mini-USB cable
      • 1 12V USB-type charger for cigarette lighter
      • 1 Elastic band
      • 1 Quickstart guide
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