Cyclops Car Alarm Systems Help You To Protect Your Investment

We understand how important it is to keep your car and possessions safe, whether you’re on the road, or at home. Thefts can occur at anytime and anywhere, protect your investment with one of our Cyclops car alarm systems.

A car alarm systems are the most effective way to deter criminals and prevent thefts. Our range of Cyclops car alarms stretches from affordable, basic and reliable, through to sophisticated modular systems. So, whether your budget is big or small, our wide range ensures there’s a product to suit every budget.

Deter Criminals With Cyclops Car Alarms

Our Cyclops car alarm systems will protect your vehicle and its contents from theft, providing a strong deterrent via a loud siren. An alarm normally includes immobilisation of critical engine circuits, making it impossible to start or run the engine. Our range includes a number of different alarm models, which ensures we have a product to suit the individual needs of all our customers.

Our range includes precision sensors, which detects a theft attempt as it happens, broken window detectors and door sensors, through to motion ad ultrasonic sensors, the Cyclops range has it all. Often, a siren is also a deterrent in itself, as it brings unwanted attention to the culprit if triggered.

Some of our car alarm systems are DIY for home installation, while others require 12 Volt installation by a suitably qualified installer. Are you looking for a vehicle immobiliser that is approved by the government to meet Australian Standards? Here at MyCyclops, we also offer a wide range of immobiliser’s, at affordable prices. You might not have known that an immobiliser must be fitted in a vehicle when registering or transferring ownership in WA.

To keep your car safe no matter where you are, start shopping our range of car alarms today!