The Best Wireless Toolbox Alarm Systems

Just because your toolbox is locked, doesn’t mean that thieves won’t attempt to break in. Theft of tools from vehicles and toolboxes is on the increase and as our slogan says, "Locks don't stop thieves".  Ensure your tools are always kept safe, with our wireless toolbox alarm systems.  

The Cyclops team have spent over a year designing a completely new solution to help deter toolbox thieves. Our patent-pending alarms incorporate movement sensors like that used in the iPhone, and an in-built computer that allows it to differentiate between a tilt and vibration, preventing false alarms.

Our TG4000 Solo is a wireless toolbox alarm that can be installed under your toolbox or truck lid in minutes. It features an ear-piercing Piezo siren, that triggers when the lid is opened. The unit is armed and disarmed by a simple remote key fob. Featuring a battery life of up to 2 years, this toolbox alarm system is a must have for anyone who cares about protecting their tools.

Toolbox Alarm Systems – The Best Protection for Your Tools

We also have ToolGuard solutions for vehicles with multiple toolboxes (TG5000) as well as a version that can integrate into your existing auto alarm (TG6000) - Click here to browse our range. 

Here at Cyclops Security Systems, we have over 20 years of experience in designing and developing vehicle security products. We’re proud to introduce the world’s leading protection for toolboxes, roof carriers, soft bags, just to name a few. We will shortly be adding other products to our range, including horizontally opening doors. To get started on ensuring your toolbox and it’s contents remains safe, start shopping our range of wireless alarm systems below!