Shop Our Range of Golf Buggy Phone & iPhone Holders

Are you searching for a high-quality and durable phone holder or mount designed specifically for your golf cart? MyCyclops has got you covered. Many golfers, both amateurs and professionals alike use mobile phone GPS golfing apps while playing, so having easy access to their phone is essential.

If you require access to your phone during a game of golf for other purposes such as critical course information, our extensive range of golf buggy holders and mounts ensures there’s a product to suit every user’s requirement. MyCyclops golf buggy phone holders are designed specifically for use in golf buggies and are compatible with a range of devices, including iPhones. Each of our golf buggy holders and mounts features an easy quick-lock mechanism, which ensures you can install it fast!

Features of Our Golf Cart Phone Holders & Mounts

Our golf buggy phone holders and mounts fit into your cart vertically and when installed, sits upright. Featuring adjustable 360-degree rotation, you can access your iPhone or smartphone in even the trickiest of situations and to ensure the stability of your phone, an extra strap is provided! To get started on keeping your phone safe while you’re on the course, shop our range of golf buggy mounts and holders today!