Secure Your Phone Easily with Our Phone Vent Mounts!

The MyCyclops vent mount is the most cost-effective phone mount due to its compact size and versatility in being able to move vent locations and from vehicle to vehicle. This feature is great for those who are travelling and using rental cars.

Our phone vent mount safely secures your mobile device to your vent with its dual size claws with a rubber finish to prevent your vents from getting scratched. To ensure the mount doesn’t become loose, it features a screw locking base which ensures your phone is securely stored while on the road.

The phone vent mounts we sell feature a carbon fibre frame and super strong N45 magnets to securely hold your mobile device, and a metal plate which is covered with soft silicone that gives your phone a more protective holding. Your phone can be easily mounted and removed with one hand. To get started on safely securing your phone while in your vehicle, shop our range of vent mounts today!