Portable Car Jump Starter & Battery Pack

Never Be Caught With A Flat Car Battery Again  

Our range of car and vehicle jump starter packs and battery packs can be lifesaving if you’re ever in the unfortunate situation of having a flat battery. Our range of packs are portable, making it easy for you to carrying one of our convenient packs in your glove box or boot! 

Our portable jump starter pack and battery packs for your car are versatile, convenient, designed not only for flat battery roadside emergencies, but to also run lights, phones, laptops and small appliances in an off-grid or power outage situation. Our packs are great for emergency situations, camping, weekend trips or simply anytime you need power. With products to suit a wide range of applications, why shop anywhere else for all your jump starter and battery pack needs?

More Than Just Your Standard Car Jump Starter & Battery Pack

All of our jump starter and battery pack models have USB connections and a range of phone charging cables, so you can charge you phone battery wherever you are. All models also have a handy torch built in and our starter and battery pack model BSP027, even comes with an emergency air compressor to enable you to get enough air in your tyre to get home or to the closest tyre shop or service station. This product is also idea for pumping up bike tyres! Perfect for cycling enthusiasts. 

With a wide range of packs available, shop our range today and ensure you’re never left with a flat battery or without power again!