Affordable Wireless Charging Dash Mounts

Wireless charging mounts are ideal for mounting and charging your phone all in the one device. Our universal mount automatically charges any IQ compatible smartphones, using 10W adaptive fast charging, without the need to plug your device into a car charger or USB cable.

Our wireless charging dash mount has technology which allows for secure mounting with an impressive 360-degree cradle rotation. To ensure our customers can set it up fast, a quick slide-in-phone mount or magnet mount made possible with super-strong N45 magnets, allows you to use your device hands-free!

The anti-slip rubber and anti-scratch rubber material feature on our wireless charging dash mount assists in offering an additional layer of protection for your phone whilst driving. Conveniently, our mount can be used with most phone cases, so you can simply slide your phone in and get on with your day. Shop our wireless charging dash mounts today and you’ll never have to worry about how to charge your phone whilst driving again!