Cyclops X3 Alarm

Cyclops X3 Alarm

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An alarm will protect your vehicle and its contents from theft, providing a strong deterrent via a loud siren. An alarm normally includes immobilisation of critical engine circuits, making it impossible to start or run the engine. 


  • 2 wire connection

    Simply connect power leads to the positive and negative terminals of the vehicle battery. All other reconnections are preformed wirelessly

Intrusion Detection

  • Wireless detectors

    The X3 uses wireless sensors to detect glass breakage, cabin pressure, vibration.

 How do I receive my product?

Star Track Express freight all orders.

How long will my order take?

Your order will be delivered overnight if you live in any of Australia's major cities, but it depends on where you have asked us to deliver to and the availability of the products you have ordered.

How much does delivery cost?

$15 including GST on all orders locally and nationally. 

My order hasn't arrived, where is it?

We are able to track the status of all our deliveries via an online tracking tool, so please get in touch with us if your order has not arrived.

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